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Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized window coverings are latest innovation in window treatments.  Imagine raising or lowering your window treatments just by pressing a button or for a real treat, these can be set up to be completely automated. Timers and computer programs allow you or a computer operate your shades, blinds, or  draperies at set times during the day.  Raise the window treatments in the morning to let the sun in and lower them in the afternoon to keep the hot sun out.  Battery systems are available with high function timers to control the window treatments.

Hard-wired, maintenance-free systems have a five (5) year warranty on the motors.  You do not have to worry about cords breaking, chains rusting or repairs that come with traditional, manual operated window coverings.

Motorized window coverings are well worth the cost when you consider the convenience and reliability you get with this quality engineered product.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces energy bills.
  • Has various looks and privacy levels.
  • Raises and lowers with a push of a button.
  • Can be programmed to be completely automated.
  • Protects furniture, rugs and other belongings from sun damage.

Drawings and Specifications

Control Wiring for Line Voltage Switching - One Motor with One Double-Pole Switch.

Control Wiring for Line Voltage Switching - Two Motors with One Double-Pole Switch.

MechoShade/ElectroShade #4123 Pocket

MechoShade/ElectroShade #4133 Pocket


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